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The cost of underselling

Some people who have worked with me or have a closer relationship with me will know that I have been working 18~24 hour days for the last few years. 8 of those hours have been at a full-time job, or doing freelance work while in class. Ever since I left school, it’s been 8 hours at a day job, with 10~16 hours of freelance right after.

During this time, I have had the fortune to establish great relationships with some great people. On a few occasions, these relationships have forced me to overcome my anxiety when it comes to public speaking, and have an audience of 200+ listen about my (boring) work and (faulty) advice. Yet somehow, the confidence I established by producing consistent and high quality results for clients have failed to shine through my interviews for full-time positions. I have been massively underselling myself. Continue reading

How Windows7Center died

A few years ago (back in 2008), I started A friend knew someone (let’s give him a fake name, John) who was looking to build a news site for Windows 7, and he referred John to me.

John already purchased the domain, along with hosting, but other than that, he had a very vague idea of how he was going to execute this idea. After all, he was a student pursuing business, and although he spent lots of time on the internet, John had never grown or developed a website. I worked with many clients who were either establishing, or established, and had a fair amount of experience growing forum communities. There wasn’t really a website dedicated to information and news on Windows 7 at that point, so our partnership began.

Continue reading