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PSA: Do not update Chrome Canary to Version 31.0.1613.1 canary Aura

Just a quick post about some issues I’ve been having with the recent update to Chrome Canary.

Ever since updating to┬áVersion 31.0.1613.1 canary Aura this morning, I’ve noticed my computer was extremely unresponsive. I mostly ignored it for a while and tried to get on with doing my work, but about an hour or so after, my computer just died.

After rebooting and experiencing the same slowness, I took a quick glance at my CPU usage. Surprisingly, with only 3 programs open (Chrome Stable, Chrome Canary, and Sublime Text 3), my task manager reported my CPU usage consistently at 100%. Closing Chrome Canary caused the CPU to instantly drop to between 10% and 19%. That’s when I remembered that I had updated Chrome Canary about an hour ago. I tried opening Chrome Canary again, let all my tabs load, and the same consistent spike at 100% appeared again.

CPU spiking up when Chrome Canary is launched, stays at 100%, then drops back after terminating

CPU spiking up when Chrome Canary is launched, stays at 100%, then drops back after terminating

The tabs I have open in Chrome stable and Chrome Canary are mostly the same. I dedicate one to my development work and emails, and the other to my personal projects and emails, along with a few articles from Hacker News for a later read. The CPU usage of both builds has always been similar for me, so it seems pretty clear that this recent build has some major issues.

Some other issues I experienced while using this build: when I go on Gchat or Facebook chat, type something, then tab out to another program, then return to chat, nothing I type shows up. Major annoyance.

Just thought I’d write a quick post about it in case anyone experiences similar issues, though something this big will likely be fixed in a new build tomorrow.

Service contracts are broken.

What an unusual title for my first blog post…

Anyways, welcome to my blog where I will be talking about anything that I have an interest in, or anything that’s on my mind. I’m choosing not to limit myself to writing about web development, internet security, or my travels specifically in hopes I will be able to continue posting on this (hopefully not too short-lived) blog.

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