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Is this what your resume looks like?

A few weeks ago I had a client who was well funded but did not yet have a team of fulltime web developers as part of their arsenal.

Working with this client gave me the opportunity to take a look at how developers may see me when I am only represented by my resume.

This particular client wanted a revamp of their current website, which was still fairly new. They had their own UX team onboard which really helped with the outcome of the product.

Anyways, since they did not have their own team of web developers, they asked if I could help find another freelancer who would be suitable to work with me and their UX team on the project. Given a generous contract, I went and posted free postings in many job boards seeking for someone who was experienced in the technologies used for this revamp. I posted a fairly generic ad, much like many of the ones looking for a fulltime developer but I made sure to state that it was a short-term contract with great pay.

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