Service contracts are broken.

What an unusual title for my first blog post…

Anyways, welcome to my blog where I will be talking about anything that I have an interest in, or anything that’s on my mind. I’m choosing not to limit myself to writing about web development, internet security, or my travels specifically in hopes I will be able to continue posting on this (hopefully not too short-lived) blog.

Actually, forget the title. I am not even going to talk about that today. I’m not even going to change the title because everything online is always packaged and repackaged, edited and re-edited. Imagine if we could do that in real life; say something, and just “take it back”. Dull and pointless.

I’ll just give a short intro and wait for my next blogging itch to come along (who am I kidding? Talking to myself has never been a hobby of mine).

OKAY. I enjoy long walks on the beach, and love to greet everyone I meet with a big hug. No, actually I like inserting awkward pauses in between conversations and observing the wide array of responses I receive in return. Weird and creepy? Possibly.