Journey to South America

Deep in the heart of South America, you'll discover a place like no other in the world. Dinosaurs roam free, and you'll be able to journey alongside Iguanodons, Stegosauruses, Allosauruses, Megalosaurues, and all of the greatest creatures inhabiting the land. Don't be afraid, though. You'll have a team of trained professionals guiding you through the treacherous wilderness.

The Lost World Expedition Services

Amidst the vast landscape of South America lie several of our secured camp sites. These camp sites are optimally located for the viewing of the dinosaurs that inhabit the region. We use Jeep Terraine Vehicles as transport to and from the camp sites, as well as traveling by foot to the closer camp sites. If you've never hiked or camped before, we offer introductory classes that will get you prepared, in addition to the mandatory orientation for all participants.

If you want to arrive at the central camp site in style, we offer a Skydiving Package for those who are adventurous enough to arrive this way. We'll take you from the airport in the skydiving plane, where you'll get to parachute out and land right at the central camp site. Don't worry, if you aren't into jumping out a plane to arrive at your destination, we'll take you by vehicle to the central camp site.